The New Non-Nuanced Normal

This Brief was pulled because it was deemed political, a tone we work to avoid.

Author Sam Bass Jr.

Sam founded Beacon Wealthcare in 1998. He has thirty five years' experience investing money for his clients. In 2006 he changed the focus of his firm from asset/return to a client/goal-centered and adopted state-of-the-art planning and management systems to deliver the best fully integrated planning service available. Sam holds a BA in English Literature from Hampden-Sydney College, 1975 and an MBA from Wake Forest University, 1981. He concentrated in International Finance, and did research for an International Finance textbook which included a summer at the London School of Economics. He is married to Sharon, a talented pleinAir oil painter, They enjoy being with their three children, their spouses, and five beautiful grandchildren as often as they can. Sam loves Jesus, sailing, cycling, and writing.

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  • Ed Garrett says:

    I didn’t see the material you pulled, but it is sad that even the suspicion of side-taking can suppress speech

    • Sam Bass Jr. says:

      Appreciate your comments Ed. The article was pulled primarily because it spoke only indirectly to investing and planning.

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