Should You Count on Social Security?

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A frequent question from both young and old clients is “Will I get my benefits?” You might be surprised to learn that the Social Security Program is not as bad off as you might think. That said, the program will be changing in the next 20 years, so it behooves the thoughtful planner of every age to consider and be ready for possible worst cases, while there’s time to replace possible gaps in retirement income.

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How Will Higher Rates Impact Your Investments?

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Last week during her Congressional testimony before the House, Fed Chair Janet Yellen did a good job of expressing the Central Bank’s view that interest rates needed to rise eventually and she did so without jarring the markets. Since the financial crisis of 2008 and 09 the Federal Reserve has pulled out all the stops to keep the US economy moving ahead. The last and most controversial phases of their policy were labeled QE1, 2, and 3, short for Quantitative Easing.

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Should Young Couples Buy or Rent Their First Home?

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During lunch yesterday my son Sam, who is getting married soon, asked if it would better for the new couple to rent or buy their first home? He had given considerable thought to the subject in recent months. As a renter since college, he felt like he was throwing his money away; money that might instead be applied toward equity in a home comparable to or better than the one he and his new wife might rent – increasing their wealth rather than draining it. After agreeing with and complimenting his reasoning, I shared a few additional issues to consider. One of the most

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Does Monte Carlo-Based Financial Planning Really Work? Part 2

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Last week we looked at Monte Carlo as part of our larger planning process. This week we’ll zero-in on probability analysis, known as Monte Carlo specifically to explain how it works and more importantly, why you should care. Whether you are technical or very non-technical, this Brief is for you. Monte Carlo (MC) analysis gets its name from the gaming industry that designed it to understand and mitigate the risks gambling houses face of being wiped out on any given night or at any given location. The financial services industry adopted the methodology and uses it in as many ways as there are providers of the service. This Brief will explain how

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The Weekend Reader

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Welcome to the Beacon Weekend Reader: Our weekly compilation of interesting articles and videos designed to keep you informed and engaged in the areas of economics, personal finance and life. We hope you enjoy this week’s edition. Please send us your thoughts on this week’s articles and suggestions for future posts.  Have a great weekend.

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